Housing Need and Demand Assessment

Housing Need and Demand Assessment

A Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA) sets out information to support land use planning. It provides an estimate of the total additional future housing required over a 20 year period. This is split by households who can afford owner occupation; private rent; below market rent and social rent. This information is used to set policies to provide an appropriate mix of housing, including types and sizes of affordable housing.

Following the approval of SDP1 by Scottish Ministers in June 2013, SESplan are now preparing the second Strategic Development Plan (SDP2). It will set out the vision and future strategy for the South East Scotland area for the next 20 years. A second HNDA (HNDA2) has now been produced and along with other evidence will be used to inform the first stage in SDP2 preparation (Main Issues Report).

HNDA2 was assessed as robust and credible by the Centre for Housing Market Analysis on the 27 March 2015.  

HNDA2 - CHMA Assessment as Robust and Credible 27 Mar 2015

HNDA2 - Executive Summary

HNDA2 - Final Report

HNDA2 - Quick Guide

HNDA2 - Sup Doc 1 Housing Market Area Assessment

HNDA2 - Sup Doc 2 Equalities Report and EQIA

HNDA2 - Sup Doc 3 Final Consultation Report

HNDA2 - Sup Doc 4 Final Analysis of Need and Demand at Sub HMA level

HNDA2 - Sup Doc 5 Final Oxford Economics report 2011

HNDA2 - Sup Doc 6 Final Oxford Economics Report Update 2013

HNDA2 - Sup Doc 7 Final Oxford Economics HNDA Tool Scenario Recommendations 2013

HNDA2 - Sup Doc 8 Evidence for Scenario Selection

HNDA2 - Sup Doc 9 Outputs for Period 2012-38

HNDA2 - Template



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