Joint Committee Membership

The SESplan Joint Committee is formed of two councillors from each member authority. The convener of the Joint Committee rotates on a bi-annual basis. 


City of Edinburgh Council

Cllr Maureen Child  (Contact Details)

Cllr Neil Gardiner (Contact Details)


East Lothian Council

Cllr Jim Goodfellow   (Contact Details)

Cllr Norman Hampshire   (Contact Details)


Fife Council

Cllr John Beare (Convener)   (Contact Details)

Cllr Altany Craik   (Contact Details)


Midlothian Council

Cllr Russell Imrie (Vice Convenor)  (Contact Details)

Cllr Peter Smaill   (Contact Details)


Scottish Borders Council

Cllr Stuart Bell (Contact Details)

Cllr Tom Miers   (Contact Details)


West Lothian Council

Cllr Dom McGuire   (Contact Details)

Cllr Cathy Muldoon   (Contact Details)


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