Main Issues Report

The Main Issues Report (MIR) was one of the key stages in preparing a new Strategic Development Plan for the South East Scotland City Region. The publication of the Main Issues Report in summer 2015 was a consultation stage in the preparation of the Proposed Strategic Development Plan, 2016.


The consultation period closed on 30 September 2015 and comments were considered by SESplan, with a report taken to the SESplan Joint Committee on 14 December 2015. All received comments are available to view on the  SESplan Consultation Portal.


The Main issues Report is divided into a number of themes including the Spatial Strategy, A Place to do Business, A Place for Communities, A Better Connected Place and Delivery. Each theme covers issues such as the strategy for growth, the economy, the number of houses needed, infrastructure and the environment.

For an introduction to the Main Issues Report document, we have produced an Easy Read Guide which provides an overview to the key themes:

Main Issues Report
Easy Read Guide

Supporting documents have also been produced including:

Interim Environmental Report - assessing potential environmental impact of the MIR;
Monitoring Statement - relevent data and trends that infomred the issues in the MIR;
Equalities and Human Rights Impact Assessment - ensures SESplan does not discriminate;
Housing Land Technical Note - background to housing need, demand and supply in the area;
Economy Technical Note - provides context and overview of the SESplan economy;
Spatial Strategy Technical Note - background evidence and methodology for the MIR options;
Green Network Technical Note - background information on the green network and waking and cycling;
Waste Technical Note - background on waste in the SESplan area; and
Minerals Technical Note - background on minerals in the SESplan area.



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